An epic adventure that captures the change of our oceans

Coral Chasing harnesses the collective will and wisdom of a publicist, a self-styled coral “nerd”, designers, first-class camera photographers and renowned marine biologists who invent the first time-lapse camera to record the custom whitening event what happen.

With its impressive photography, suspense and surprising emotion, Chasing Coral is a dramatic revelation that will not have audiences sitting inactive for a long time.

Special presentation by Dave Wruck, editor of Chasing Coral

After graduating from CU Denver with a BA in Musical Engineering, Dave has successfully spent 20 years in the world of documentary and commercial editing.
His work has earned him 5 Emmy Awards, multiple Telly Awards and has taken home awards from the most important film festivals in the world of cinema.
One of the most outstanding projects of his career: Chasing Coral, winner of the Sundance Festival for Best Documentary.

Adopt a Reef !

Your sponsorship of local reefs will help us to raise awareness through scientific research, education, and community engagement so as to reverse current declines in the ocean’s vitality, diversity, health and beauty.



Aquacheck certified

Chasing Coral, official screening of the award winning documentary

Organized by Reef Check DR and Millenio in Caribbean Cinemas. Thanks on first place to  Exposure Labs for all the personalized support to make it happen and of course to the amazing “Chasing Coral” team and  Dave Wruck for being here with us sharing the experience behind the scene.

Thank you all those that attended the event and all the others, please next time you Netflix, watch the movie and invite your friends. The movie comes up with so many emotions and deep messages that we all interprete our own way, but the conclusion is one: We have to take action and make a difference NOW!



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