Content is King and Content Marketing is his QUEEN and Prime Minister at the same time 🙂

Organic Positioning takes a long way and a good amount of muscles. Trends show that brand positioning through content marketing results in higher leads generation and a better conversion into customers, building a strong long term relationships.

Over 2 mm of subscribers and a reach of more than 18 mm, the YouTube channel BEBY joins MILLENIO to promote Branding Content Marketing together. Focused on strategically expose any suitable for the customers target brand, through one of the most impressive social networks of recent times, the second after Google – YouTube.

More and more brands take this important strategic step into building Brand Content, because of the following two important advantages: on first place, to convey a branding message through content marketing to a highly engaged target market; and second, achieving permanent brand exposure on a millions-followers YouTube channel, since it is not an advertisement for a limited time that we offer, but a content marketing, creating stories that remain and guarantee an exposure to Moonshots your Brand!

Let’s talk. and give you some more insights about the opportunities for Content Marketing.