World Coaching Corporation

TOTAL Graphic and Web Design GAME CHANGER

As an international organisation, connecting members and Coaches around Americas, the World Coaching Corp has come to a point when a VISUAL REFRESH was a total need before stepping into the New Year 2020. This time we came with practical solutions, delivering project ON TIME for a pre-launch in December, with the main objective of creating a digital platform and online trainings for Spanish-speaking Coaches in the United States and Latin America.

The platform has an integration with the Coaches Directory module through Web Services that allows real-time updating with the new members of the platform and their indexing in World Coaching Corp as representatives of the AIC (International Coaches Association).

The services offered are structural project management, content restructuring and organisation of the online calendar and certification trainings with subscriptions and availability to obtain materials of their interest 100% online, supporting the digitization of the complete certification process.

As a second step a compete redesign of all printing materials has been executed, in order to adjust the digital branding to the materials used during the present modules of the certification, as well as other courses.

Hello 2020, here we go!